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Revolutions are conceived by romantics, implemented by fanatics, and stinkers make use of them.       Bismarck


                                                                           The Iron Curtain

Due to the revolution that took place in August 1991 the confrontation between the two superpowers that were trying to rebuild the world according to their ideological orientation actually came to the end. The Iron Curtain fell down and military confrontation raged itself out, the threat of the Cold War passed away.
The official date of the end of the Iron Curtain policy is considered to be the 20th of May, 1991, when the law "On the order of departure from the Soviet Union" was adopted. It actually canceled the OVIR’s permissive siЮбилей падения железного занавесаght for those who leave the country, because independent attempts to overcome the Iron Curtain resulted to failure to return from a trip abroad, and attempts to escape abroad by all means could result to crime (see Ovechkin Family, The Capture of a bus with children in Ordzhonikidze on the 1st of December 1988, etc.  )

The progressive law on the order of entry and departure and the resolution on its enactment were signed by the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and the President of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Anatoly Lukyanov. Their names consecrated the following revolutionary statements of the first article: "Every citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has the right to leave the USSR and to enter the USSR".

Юбилей падения железного занавесаThe President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev with his wife Raisa Gorbacheva and the President of the USA George W. Bush with his wife Barbara Bush

In Soviet times the guestion of freedom of movement was often discussed "in the kitchens". There were those who desired to leave the country forever in order to find happiness somewhere, others just wanted to see the world. Dreams of both sides came true.

The Iron Curtain is also associated with the period of Cold War. During more than 40 years of confrontation between the USSR and the USA the world was in danger of a nuclear conflict. Cold War is the name of a fierce struggle between the USA and the former Soviet Union during 1947-1989, when two countries spearheaded powerful military alliances. There were moments when they were on the brink of “hot” war, but, fortunately, they managed to avoid uncovered armed conflict. The basis of this confrontation was conflict and competition between two political systems and antagonistic ideologies - democracy and capitalism on the one hand and totalitarian communism on the other.

After the death of Konstantin Chernenko in March 1985 M.S. Gorbachev was elected as the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee. Development of democracy began due to the advent of Gorbachev, due to the announcement of his new course directed at publicity and restructuring. "Gorbachev liked publicity and implemented it, because he expected to turn the restruction from another attempt of reform into a real revolution using publicity as the main instrument of democratization…". (see  http://www.bibliotekar.ru/mihail-gorbachev/16.htm  ). And he managed with that, but like all revolutions it came out of control. Ongoing reforms, transformations swept away their reformer Mikhail Gorbachev as well. After the collapse of the Soviet empire, or the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev as the Soviet President on the 25th of December, 1991 resigned as the head of state, the position was no longer relevant because the union had collapsed. By and large, in 1991 the Soviet Union tried to become a part of the global community and eliminate contradictions that have accumulated during last decades.

People born in the USSR behind the Iron Curtain used to politicized and censored news, and total political isolation of the country based on ideological and political barriers between this state and its entourage was a symbol of the policy of self-isolation, implemented by leaders of the USSR in order to protect the country’s population from the corrupting influence of the West. Communist countries installed total political control and tightly fenced off from the outside world by the Iron Curtain (as one of the first heroes of the Cold War Winston Churchill aptly put it). This led to not only a lot of expectations and hopes, but also to a lot of illusions. Therefore, after Gorbachev announced the course directed to the restructuring, the words of freedom, democracy and publicity sounded quite differently. At those times these words had entirely different meaning. People who lived in the Soviet empire behind the Iron Curtain, could only imagine what a word “democracy” ment and dreamed of heavenly western prosperity. The word “democracy” was magical, it beckoned, fascinated, called to barricades, young guys were ready to give their lives for this word. If only people knew, that ahead there is not just capitalism, but wild capitalism, that they will have to overcome the shock therapy, inflation, that it would actually the robbery of people. Only with the help of some financial pyramids from 40 to 50 million dollars were pumped out from people. Trustful people used to believe the promises on television channels, because Soviet imperial TV was immutable and unshakable truth for the people. It has not always tell the truth, but there has never been uncovered advertisement of swindlers in the Soviet empire. Due to the habit people looked and trusted, and actually all these financial pyramids "Sellings", "Hoppers" and so on were registered and patronized by the government and it was government who got all financial profit. At that time people started to realize that the main thief chief is not organizers of pyramids as Mavrodiy, Solovyov, but the government . "... In the mid-90s 1800 financial pyramids worked in Russia, their activities became reasons of 984 criminal cases, 20 cases reached court, nine people were jailed." (see Financial pyramids  http://kfond.org/blog/165_finansovue_piramidu.html ).

But the final elimination of the Iron Curtain took place only after the events of August 1991, when democratic forces took power after overthrowing of the communist regimen. Thereby, a real revolution happened (see Revolution of 1991 -  http://kfond.org/blog/165_finansovue_piramidu.html ), which finally threw off the Iron Curtain. This revolution is considered in different ways, but there is one major idea, and it is a turn of socialist system of government into capitalist system. If supporters of democratic changes didn’t take power, the former communists (party officials, heads of the Emergency Committee), who organized a military coup sending troops in all socialist republics with tough presidential management, were afraid to lose their positions and thereby tried to restore or to be more precise revive the Soviet empire, which at that time started to dispart into small republics. If they managed with this army coup, the fall of the Iron Curtain failed, as for all democracy supporters, democratic leaders, who threatened the plot, in case of a state of emergency arrest warrants were ready, waiting only for putting in their surnames; they were printed in advance in the amount of 300 000 copies. Arrest and isolation were to take place at the military unit stationed in the village Medvezhy Ozyora. Implemention of this task was assigned to a special military unit "A" of the 7th KGB administration... (ALPHA), at the beginning they planned to expel 7000 people from Moscow to very remote places (see  http://flb.ru/info/38182.html )

Revolutions have always been implemented by hands of desperate paupers, they have always been a tool in other’s hands, and people have always got only one kind of pleasure: for some of them – moral satisfaction from disorders, blood and euphoria; for others - intoxication, a sense of brotherhood, of victory. They were deprived of anything else. Power was handled from the hands of one scams to the hands of others, who were not better than the previous ones. Outsiders have never been allowed to have power, and will not ever be allowed. Saint-Just (French military and political leader of the Great French Revolution) often called paupers "masters of revolution. Of course, revolution is paupers’ work, it is they who conquered the Bastille, it is they who burned estates and castles in times of great fear in the summer of 1789, but they were never allowed to have power ... ". Similarly, Gorbachev followed the rule of preparation for revolution. "…I will only operate with figures: during six years of Gorbachev’s government external debt increased 5.5 times, while gold reserves decreased from 2500 tons to 240 tons". (See  http://tv.km.ru/i_panarin_kto_dejstvitelno_razva/textversion ). At the same time poverty, unemployment, empty shelves in shops, food coupons did their work and prepared the base for disturbance among people and made them desperate. At least people got an opportunity to debate, to discuss all events at home, at work, on the streets, in queues and people argued a lot about what is good and what is bad, what future is waiting for them and their children. And when these disputes reached global themes, people forgot about empty fridges at home and tireness of the constant deficit. People hoped that now they will have to build a new world, a new state. And people's hopes were justified. In 1991 Russia won the right to be a parliamentary republic.


                                                                                        Coup attempt

PDVD_220So it happened in August 1991. State Emergency Committee (SEC) declared a state of emergency for six months, the deployment of troops to Moscow, subordination of local authorities to a military commandant appointed by the Emergency Committee, the introduction of strict censorship in media and prohibition of some of them, the abolishment of a number of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens. Military units were sent by Soviet Defense Minister D.T. Yazov to Leningrad, for amplification to Tallinn garrison, to the airfield in Riga and to reinforce Kiev garrison troops, as well as to other republics of the Soviet Union. (see Forces of Emergency Committee http://http://kfond.org/blog/103_silu_gkchp.html ). Commandant of Moscow Kalinin issued the Order №2, about separation of the city to commandant regions and introduction of curfew from 23:00 from 20.08.1991. Leaders of the democratic movement, located in the House of Soviets, rallied around the Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The Russian President Boris Yeltsin through television asked citizens of Moscow to leave their houses and protect democracy and the House of Soviets. And Muscovites did it. They began to build barricades around the House of Soviets and 100 000 people made alive ring around it and protected it day and night. Retired and active military officers and even generals also came to the House of Soviets, offering their help. About 1 500 military officers of different ranks and experience took the side of Yeltsin and his colleagues. They started to form a military defense headquarters... 15 generals and officers were appointed as members of the Defence Staff. They worked on a plan of protection of the House of Soviets and Moscow. There also were weapons - about 500 barrels, including machine guns. There were also several thousand barrels on the barricades. For example, Siberian hunters are almost professional snipers (see The Head of Operational Defence Staff of the House of Soviets remembering Moscow which almost became Stalingrad – 1942 http://kfond.org/blog/107_nachalnik_operativnogo_otdela_shtaba_oboronu_doma_sovetov_vspominaet_kak_moskva_-_chut_ne_stala_stalingradom_-_1942.html ). Not only separate officers, but a lot of military units refused to obey the heads of the Emergency Committee and took side of the people, such as Major Sergey Evdokimov, tank division commander, along with its 10 tanks and soldiers ready to defend the House of Soviets to the bitter end (see How Major Evdokimov Yeltsin took Yeltsin’s side  http://kfond.org/blog/123_kak_mayor_evdokimov_pereshel_na_storonu_elcina.html  ). Naturally, armed coup supporters did not expect such a cohesive resistance. It was necessary to make decisive actions. And they did it, they ordered to storm the House of Soviets. According to Colonel Goncharov, the Head of the KGB special group (ALPHA), "… They formed clear and precise position according to which we had to storm the House of Soviets. Tank brigades or tank groups had to… it is unpleasant to say that, had to lead the way and passes through these ... these men, through these people. We had to knock down first two defending floors with help of all kinds of weapons. And after that, through these passages and underground communications find our way to the House of Soviets and primarily capture Boris Yeltsin." (see Tanks had to lead the way through people, or "unpleasant even to say" Goncharov S., Veterans Association President http://kfond.org/blog/106_tanki_po_naseleniyu_dolzhnu_prolozhit_prohodu_ili_dazhe_skazat_nepriyatno_goncharov_s_prezident_associacii_veteranov_.html ).


                                                                       Storm of the House of Soviets. 1991 revolution

В этом тоннеле произошли первые столкновенияс человеческими жертвами. фото Дм.Борко www.grani.ruTo do this, a convoy formed of 20 armored vehicles tried to break through to the House of Soviets. All the way from the U.S. embassy soldiers fired from hatches with tracer bullets, "fiery ribbons" hitted the upper floors, and it can be seen as broken pieces, burning sparks ricocheted in different directions. They shot in order to prevent people from approaching the convoy and interfering walking of the column. Mikhail Golovko Arsentevich, Captain of the 1st rank, like many others, following the comand of Yeltsin came to the defense of democracy to the House of the Soviets, found himself in the tunnel and saw the coming column, he decided to stop it. In what way? Rather simply. He stood in the form of a naval officer in front of the column. But the head armored tank N536, the commander of which was the column captain Surovikin SV (hereinafter this tank was called killer), without hesitating or stopping even for a while, drove over the standing officer. But Golovko M.A. not confused, he grouped under the tracks of armored vehicles – and remained alive, hus military hardening saved him, but he badly hurt spine and had a long treating at his own expense. The deputy Kuzin V.A. find it out and persuaded Golovko M.A. to come to the Moscow Soviet and write down an application for help for treatment. The application was written, but Golovko M.A. never received financial help. (see Heroic actions of Golovko M.A.  http://http://kfond.org/blog/112_geroicheskiy_postupok_golovko_ma.html ). The aim of the moving column of 20 armored vehicles was to ruin a barricade of several rows of trolleys and through free Protochny alley (it was the only weakest place in the defense), directly shoot the House of Soviets down. A couple of shots would have done the deal, creating panic among the civilians surrounding the House of Soviets with lively ring. Naturally, it would be much safer for KGB groups to lead their way through frightened people, and it was the plan of bursting column of armored vehicles. Military operation of leading the passages was prepared thoroughly, but failed. On their way except barricades made of trolleys there were still alive people, ready to defend the barricade to the very end. Despite the fact that the captain Surovikin tried to complete the task  and left a trail of blood, armored vehicles failed to get over barricades. Tank-killer was set on fire. Further attempts to storm the barricades were doomed and pointless. It was obvious that the second machine and the third one would also be set on fire.


                                                                                              Fight in the Tunnel

foto7Dmitry Komar with Sergei Churinov both serving in Afghanistan decided to stop the leading tank BMP 536. They jumped on the tank and decided to cover with tarpaulin observation slit - triplexes. As a result, triplexes were closed, and the rear hatch of BMP-536 was opened to get the opportunity to see and monitor its way. Dmitry Komar tried to climb into this hatch. Sergei saw Dmitry being thrown away by shot, his legs hooked over the bandwagon and he hanged upside down. What did Dmitry lyed upon? Actions of D. Komar like actions of Golovko M.A. seemed crazy: barehanded, they plaaned to grab and disarm all armed crew. Only captain Surovikin could shoot, crew commander. And so, after another attempt to ram the trolley, dangling Dmitry fell down because of hittinf he trolley. BMP 536 passed back and Dmitry was under armored caterpillars. (See Battle in the Tunnel, or the Storm of the House of Soviets in August 1991 http://kfond.org/blog/120_boy_v_tunnele_ili_shturm_belogo_doma_v_avguste_91_goda.html ). I saw him lying on the pavement, climbed over the curb and ran up to Dmitri first. By that time I was injured while trying to put Dmitry from armored vehicles, I got a wound of the right shoulder caused by bullet from a gunshot, but the desire to help, pull him away, seemed at the time greater than pain. I ran up to Dmitry and saw the crumpled face, back of the head was crushed, brains were bubbling and seemed to stretch almost half a meter, and the body was convulsed. Later I learned from specialists, that a dead body can not convulse, my assumptions were justified - Dmitry was crushed while being alive. PDVD_059(See How Dmitry Komar was Killed  http://http://kfond.org/blog/117_kak_pogib_dmitriy_komar.html ). I told his mother, Lyubov Ahtyamovna Komar, about this fact. By the way, she was allowed to bury his son in a closed coffin, they said that a bullet got in his face. After my story, she wrote a statement to the prosecutor to exhume her son’s body. Soon she got a call and was said not to insist on the exhumation, since she still had two other children, and she had to care about them. The mother realized their hint and asked me not to tell anyone about this for 10 years. Only on the tenth anniversary of August events I told Elena Musatova, journalist of “A&F” about this case, who appealed to me, but her editor banned to publish my words in an article. (See Peace March or Assault  http://kfond.org/blog/121_mirnuy_marsh_ili_shturm.html ). After that while trying to pick up injured Dmitri, Vladimir Usov also got a bullet from captain Surovikna, but he was less lucky than me, his body was thrown under caterpillars of armored vehicle BMP- 536 and was crushed. (See How Vladimir Usov Died http://kfond.org/blog/115_kak_pogib_vladimir_usov.html ). Many who tried to pull Dmitry Komar away were showered with debris as bullets of captain Srovikin were bursting, for example D.Rydaris (journalist, Czech Republic), Gennady Estrov, with shrapnel wounds of an abdomen, G. Blyum got shrapnel wounds of walls of sinuses, and Churin Sergei was showered with debris too. Deputy Kuzin V.A. wrote a statement to the Moscow Soviet, trying to get financial assistance for treatment of Sergei, but he has never received any help. Sergei had to stay with shrapnel until the end of his life, drowning out the pain with vodka - and he died in that way. (See Sergei Churin or Whole Life like the Long-Running Battle http://kfond.org/blog/113_sergey_churin_ili_vsya_zhizn_-_zatyanuvshiysya_boy.html ). And these are stories of only those defenders who are known, but how many of those guys are there who were afraid to speak about their wounds? And there were much more corpses, only in the morgue there were a lot of "Afghans", Nicholas Lyabin’s parents appealed to me, but the investigation failed. Someone did not want the truth, they considered those three heroes to be enough. (See Nikolay Lyabin’s Last Words - "We Will Fight to Death!", Corpses on the Shelves http://http://kfond.org/blog/110_nikolay_lyabin_poslednie_slova_-_budem_stoyat_nasmert_do_konca.html, http://kfond.org/blog/109_trupu_-_na_stellazhah.html ). When there were two men killed and about ten people wounded, defenders realized - the only way to stop the "killing machine" was to burn it. And they did it, though have tried for a long time, and Sergei Bratchikov had to pour over a bucket of gasoline. Soldiers moved to another machine, the last who left the burning vehicle BMP-536 was captain Surovikin. The captain continued his cold-blooded murders. Ilya Krichevsky appeared on his way inappropriately, and due to this he was shot in the forehead. (See How Ilya Krichevsky Died http://http://kfond.org/blog/116_kak_pogib_ilya_krichevskiy.html ). This brutal murder happened in front of witnesses, such as the witness of S.Bratchikov, he was interviewed by a correspondent and the last one even wrote an article in the newspaper. (See Sergei Bratchikov, or a Bucket of Gasoline Saves Democracy  http://kfond.org/blog/122_sergey_bratchikov_ili_vedro_s_benzinom_spasaet_demokratiyu.html ). After democratic forces came to power, of course Captain Surovikin was arrested and put into a jail. But then, after 6 months, Surovikin was released from custody, out of of jail, despite of firing articles, but released in the rank of Major. And then titles rained over Surovikin like manna from heaven – at the age of 36 years he became General. It happens so in Russia, captain was put in a jail and was released after 6 months as a major, this is an interesting fact, apparently, the captain-killer really could tell a lot of interesting things. (See Surovikin’s "epics" or Heroes and Antiheroes, Surovikin’s New Feats, A Colonel Shot Himself in front of ae General, Surovikin’s Family Business or Governor’s Daughter has Accumulated 125 millon at the Age of 18 years http://kfond.org/blog/128_podvigi_surovikina_ili_geroi_i_antigeroi.html, http://kfond.org/blog/129_novue_podvigi_surovikina.html, http://kfond.org/blog/130_polkovnik_zastrelilsya_na_glazah_u_generala.html, http://kfond.org/blog/131_semeynuy_biznes_surovikinuh_ili_dyadya_v_ochkah.html ). And what actually did Surovikin? He just honestly fulfilled his duty. But Major Evdokimov, when he moved to the side of the democrats, at first was a hero, but then the government which seemed to remember about officer’s duty, and that the order was not executed, thought that they couldn’t lie upon him in future, what if they will have to fight back against the people, so it agreed that the army didn’t need a thinking officer. And Sergei Evdokimov had to leave - relationship with the higher management failed. For the same reason Mikhail Golovko had to resign too.
(See Forgotten Heroes of August 1991 or Napoleon Would Make Them Sumarshals http://kfond.org/blog/501_zabutue_geroi_avgusta_1991_.html )

After defeat putsch leaders, who tried to make a military coup, were prosecuted on charges of treason and put in prison. However, a few years later left it due to amnesty. All this time unhonest newspapers published a dirty lie that there hasn’t been any military coup. The leaders of the conspiracy had good intentions, they were real party patriots, trying to keep the Soviet Union from collapse. And there wasn’t an assault, a convoy of 20 armored vehicles just were making a peaceful march to Smolensk Square when drunk crowd of onlookers fell under the wheels of armored vehicles, resulting in three accident victims. This became a draft version of reason to release putsch leaders from custody. By that time Pavel Grachev became a defense minister and the release of his "accomplice" Surovikin whom he gave the order to storm, was perhaps like holy duty. The fact that Surovikin failed to obey his orders and assault choked was suitable for Grachev even more. If putch leaders won, then Grachev gave the order, and the fact that it failed was not his fault. So he could justify himself with any forces who would came to power. That is why B.N. Yeltsin, who persuaded P. Grachev not to give the order to storm the House of Soviets, made him a defense minister, because he thought that there was no assault. Since then the events of 1991 are not lightened to a wide publicity. Only on the anniversary names of the dead are mentioned, just for a while. But at that time, in 199, almost whole Moscow buried its heroes, and not because they were given a heroic star by Gorbachev himself, even if they did not get these stars, there would not be less people. People just came to honor the names of their heroes, they knew what blood was poured for; they understood what these guys were staying to death on the barricades for, as they stood too. (See How Those Who Were Killed in the Tunnel Were Burried http://kfond.org/blog/124_pohoronu_pogibshih_v_tunnele.html )

PDVD_182Why is it profitable for the government to consider the death of Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov, awarded with the title of Hero and who were killed and crushed under wheels of armored vehicles, as accidental victims or drunk onlookers, and award with the title of general a direct murder of those guys.

Realization by the people of the objective necessity in change from a totalitarian regime to democracy, as a result of confrontation of civilians on the barricades and those who gave their lives for the accomplishment of the revolution, was overplayed as political intrigue which made everything to ensure that events of August 1991 looked casual and just dthe ones that did not deserve attention?

I think everyone will get an answer to this question from the articles written below.
(See Articles http://http://kfond.org/blog/ ). If we try to put it briefly, we can use the words of Alexander Rutskoy: "Let’s asume that the port Nakhodka was sold for 180,000 dollars, can you imagine – it is "Mercedes", a car and a port - for a penny." (See movie Dashing 90th with Anastasia Melnikova http://kfond.org/blog/153_lihie_90-e.html ) and Victor Ilyukhin’s words : "... The state, its people must get back all that was illegally, criminally stolen. Thieves should sit in jail, not in the government. And I assure you, we will certainly do it..." (See Victor Ilyuhin: Yeltsin is convicted http://http://rusotechestvo.narod.ru/law/gp12.html )
In 1991 Russia won the right to be a parliamentary republic and has remained a parliamentary republic for three years...


                                                        In 1993 Russia turned off the path of a parliamentary republic

At the night from 21 to 22 September 1993 the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation on the basis of the conclusion of the Constitutional Court "For such a conclusion voted 9 of 13 members ..." made the decision to eliminate the powers of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin ... and temporally handle power to the Vice-President Alexander Rutskoy according to the Constitution. On the 22nd of September at 00:25 Rutskoy assumed his duties as the President of Russia and canceled the unconstitutional decree of removed President Yeltsin. Rutskoy was recognized as temporary President by the executive and representative bodies. Almost all regional councils recognized Yeltsin's decree as unconstitutional. (See Rutskoy, Alexander Vladimirovich - Wikipedia). Citizen Yeltsin grabbed power of President, and power and authority of the Supreme Council and power of the Congress of People's Deputies. As Viktor Ilyukhin said: "... This is nothing but a coup. Criminal, that's who is he."(See Shooting down of the White House in 1993 or Contrrevolutional Coup in Russia http://kfond.org/blog/268_rasstrel_belogo_doma_v_1993_godu_ili_kontrrevolyucionnuy_perevorot_v_rossii.html )

In the tragic events occurred "from the 21st of September till the 5th of in 1993, when a dictator Yeltsin grabbed power, 147 people are mentioned in the official list of the victims, which was announced by the General Prosecutor of Russia. The list includes 160 names and is based on parliamentary hearings of the State Duma of Russia on the 31st of October in 1995. According to other official statistics, only in the House Soviets there were found about 1,500 bodies, among them - women and children. All of them were secretly taken out through an underground tunnel leading from the House of Soviets to the metro station "Krasnopresnenskaya" and further out of the city, where they were burned." (Statements of an Officer of Interior Troops, published in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta”  http://www.moral.ru/Oct93_killed.htm  ) (seehttp://  http://kfond.org/blog/267_skolko_lyudey_bulo_v_deystvitelnosti_ubito_v_oktyabre_1993_goda_.html )

Viktor Sorokin, in those days the commander of the Airborne Troops: "... Shooting was carried out from the U.S. embassy, from the roof ... We are talking about actually direct armed foreign intervention in the events of October 1993... I am sure that in any democratic country such statements would have caused a flurry of emotions, requirements to continue investigations and to punish the perpetrators”. (see.  http://http://1993.sovnarkom.ru/KNIGI/Rogozin_D.htm )


                                                      "We are in the midst of the Russian-American joint revolution."

"... Actually, the decision to shoot down his opposition parliament Yeltsin took together with Western leaders and mentioned about that later in his book; US Government Secretary also stated that Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev visited Washington DC for this purpose on the 13th of September". (See  http://apocalypse.orthodoxy.ru/secret/14_6.htm )

Dictator Yeltsin, following desires of oligarchs, decided to become Tsar Boris, seated on a throne, he forgot about people’s problems, they just stopped to worry him. People and country were ruled a few oligarchs and some globalists, represented by Chubais. All who wanted grabbed and stole large and small pieces. After 1993 it was a time of great plunder of Russian people. (See movie Dashing 90th with Anastasia Melnikova " http://kfond.org/blog/153_lihie_90-e.html )

                                                                                  Where did millionaires in Russia come from?

"... Their numbers is growing like mushrooms after rain. And not just millionaires, but billionaires. Didn’t you ask yourself a question: What do they produce?
It is wellknown where they have generated their millions from. They are well determined by their smell. No, it is not an expensive French perfume. It is a smell of our national, native, people oil, our natural gas, our nickel, aluminum and steel. And it is a smell of impunity for stolen public property. Do you know what is a smells of such impunity? – It smells with the most expensive houses in America, the most expensive football clubs of the world, the most expensive hotels in Turkey, ... the most shameless attitude towards their own people.” (See http://maxpark.com/user/4295002977/content/1397640 )

Victor Ivanovich Ilyukhin, Chairman of the Security Committee of the State Duma of  Russian Federation of the 1st and 2nd convocation, Doctor of Laws, professor, member of the State Duma's anti-corruption committee, member of the State Duma’s committee of analysis of costs the federal budget for defense and national security of  Russian Federation. Chairman of political movement "In support of the army, defense industry and military science". Ilyukhin was a radical critic of the political power of the USSR and Russia since perestroika. Throughout the years, Ilyukhin has pressed charges against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Russian presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.

"V.I.Ilyuhin: - ... But the vice must be punished - that discourage others. And now I say: the current government is corrupted through and over. Here, in my prosecution speech, facts that are not exhaustive, but fully exposing this criminal government, are collected. I want all to know about it. And exactly today, because I am not sure I would manage to do this later..." (See  http://rusotechestvo.narod.ru/law/gp12.html )

Unfortunately his words became prophetic, he really could not do much after... Ilyukhin is not alive anymore. And there is a very strong suspicion about his sudden death.

Before his death, V.I.Ilyuhin had been investigating Putin’s activities of illegal destruction of the most modern missile systems RT-23. (See http://  http://www.svoboda.org/content/article/2345696.html )

"... It is known that Viktor Ilyukhin was considered on the political Olympus as one of the real candidates for the upcoming presidential elections... they intentionally removed him over there as he could, firstly, to compete with the current rulers and, secondly, to make information which was carefully hidden from the people by the current government widely known." (See  http://kprf-murman.ru/publikatsii/kolskiy-mayak/n6-190/125?ml=1 )

Alexander Sergeyevich Tsipko, politics analyst. Senior scientist of Institute of International Economic and Political Studies RSA. Doctor of Philosophy:

"Before the execution of the Supreme Soviet Russia had the opportunity to save a parliamentary- presidential republic. But another option was chosen - presidential, even extrapresidential republic. In fact, it was the restoration of omnipotence, almost autocracy. Possibility of a peaceful and calm turn of communism to capitalism has been lost. Russia became the only country in Eastern Europe, which reached a political goal by blood. We missed the way which the rest of the socialist camp used. Parliamentary way, which gave a chance of democracy.

Since Yeltsin shot parliament in 1993 the gap between the people and the government became wide. Attitude of the people to the power since then formed as if they didn’t depend on each other..." (See http://kfond.org/blog/271_taynu_rasstrela_belogo_doma_4_oktyabrya_1993_goda.html )

Russian liberals expected that Russia would integate with Western countries and become a civilized country due to the removal of the Iron Curtain, but their expectations failed. Only a little part of them became reality. We still differ evolutionally and politically from the West very much. And Western leaders still can not understand why Russia may have its own way of development.




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