Looking through the material, do not forget that you are on the charity, which helps in the treatment of sick children ontologically. The child's life depends on a small donation. Appeal to the compassionate and merciful people.
Perhaps it was your small contribution to save someone's life. Any donation can be made without departing from the Computer Knowlodge...
How to help
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Founders of the Fund:

1. Komar Lubov Ahtyamovna – the mother of Dmitry Komar, who died at night from the 20th to 21st of August in 1991 in the tunnel - the last hero of the Soviet Union who was awarded posthumously.

2. Veretilny Gennady Nikolaevich –gunshot wounded in the attempt to remove the body of Dmitry Komar from BMP at night from the 20th to 21st of August in 1991 in the tunnel.

Lubov Ahtyamovna Komar lost her son in peacetime, though he past the war in Afghanistan. She knows herself what is suffering of children, so she understands importance of problem for cancer patients, and has a strong desire to help and considers as her duty to devote her life to solving this problem, to make her contribution.

I am Veretilny Gennady, survived only due to a miracle, and I consider to cover events occurred in August 1991truthfully as my duty, as well as carrying out charitable activities with Lubov Ahtyamovna; I understand and realize the importance of the problem - the timely assistance and just distribution of funds from donations.

Volunteers who collect money for each separate child suffering from cancer spend huge, useful work, but it is quite difficult and sometimes impossible to check out who actually collects donations and where they go further, therefore, it is no longer a secret that scammers  often have a profit from people’s grief.

Each penny of the funds is checked and monitored by tax Inspection and police. Our fund does not only collect donations for separate children suffering from cancer, but also collaborates with cancer centers, studying the needs of these centers in purchasing of necessary equipment, expensive drugs; and it is a priority task for us, therefore, the assistance will be more effective, and more children will get it.

Why do we care for Ukrainian children suffering from cancer? Firstly, in Kiev hospitals not only Ukrainian children are treated, and we believe that children don’t have nationality. Separating Slavic people by nationality is profitable for rulers, who act according to the principle "divide and conquer" ... Mikhail Zadornov speaks about this in his speech: - "... Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people, and our politicians are another people..." Secondly, Ukrainian problem of cancer is especially acute today and has become one of the highest priorities in the field of health care; according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, cancer is the second in the list of causes of death of Ukrainians after cardiovascular diseases. More than 1 million people in the country suffer from cancer. Unfortunately, pediatric oncology remains today an actual social, economic and health problem in Ukraine: about 11 cases  for one hundred thousand children (one thousand new patients per year). About 5.5 thousand children with various types of cancer are registered in the clinics of the country. The UNO states that if the income of person is below 17 dollars a day, he/she is poor. According to this statistics, 78% of citizens of Ukraine are under the poverty line. (See .
http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/142765), so many parents are left alone with the problem of cancer, and the solution of this problem needs tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. (See Ministry of Finance Took Money from Children with Cancer, Ukrainians are Left Alone with Cancer, Children with Cancer do not Have Enough Nurses, Ukraine on the Verge of Cancer Epidemic, Nowadays Ukraine is Epidemic Zone, Zone of the Total Extinction of the Population and Experiments over People. http://kfond.org/fond/news/557_minfin_zabral_dengi_u_bolnuh_rakom_detey.html, http://kfond.org/fond/news/558_ukraincev_ostavili_naedine_s_rakom.html, http://kfond.org/fond/news/560_onkobolnum_detyam_ne_hvataet_medsester.html, http://kfond.org/fond/news/561_ukraina_na_poroge_onkologicheskoy_epidemii.html, http://kfond.org/fond/news/562_segodnyashnyaya_ukraina_-_zona_epidemii_totalnogo_vumiraniya_naseleniya_i_eksperimentov_nad_lyudmi.html)

Many businessmen understand Ukrainian problem of cancer, and are willing to participate in charity projects. Many of them share good intentions, mercy and compassion. The only problem is their indecision based on doubts about the effectiveness of made ??donations. In our fund we guarantee complete transparency, and we report for made donations . We also asking not to forget to report about making any donations: when, how much you sent and for what purposes. Try to feel this unforgettable moment when you realize that you could give a child new life, and that now he/she has two birthdays. And believe me, this understanding makes your life more bright. Besides, you can help today, and, who knows, tomorrow your child may need help. Maybe, you will also meet understanding, sympathetic, caring people on your way.

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mail: info@kfond.org