Looking through the material, do not forget that you are on the charity, which helps in the treatment of sick children ontologically. The child's life depends on a small donation. Appeal to the compassionate and merciful people.
Perhaps it was your small contribution to save someone's life. Any donation can be made without departing from the Computer Knowlodge...
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Tatigkeitsprogramm charitable foundation "in honor of Dmitry Komar"

1. First Search of direct participants of the events of 1991, relatives and dependents of people who, like Dmitri Komar, have their lives and health for the values of democracy surrendered and admitted no resuscitation of totalitaten regime in the country.
2. Truthful, based on testimonies from eyewitnesses of the events of the lighting storm of Wei? S house on the night of 20-21. August 1991. Publication of a book and a documentary based on tales of eyewitnesses. Our goal is to truly faithful lighting of the turning point in the history of the Soviet Union, who has made a beginning of new era, the era of the disintegration of the totalitarian empire and the formation on the basis of their new democratic countries. Historical truth always differs from the official government point of view with respect to those or other events. So if we want historical truth of events the night of 20-21. August 1991 to recover!
3. Charitable aid to the people who have suffered under the totalitarian regime, including the participants of armed conflict in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Lebanon, Algeria, etc., the victims of political reprisals.
4. Charitable assistance to the disabled, the Geschadigten. Consequence of natural, ecological, technogenic and other disasters, the flight Lingen, aid in their social adaptation, assistance in securing employment
5. Carrying out social catering for the sick, the disabled, standalone of aged people and other people who because of their korperlichen, psychological, physical or other special bedurfen social support and CARE MYTH.
6. Charitable assistance to the children's facilities: the children houses, boarding schools (especially the specialized institutions for children with various health disorders), the children's hospitals, etc.
7. Participation in the organization and execution of various charitable exhibitions, including exhibitions of children's creativity and the directional orientation to social and patriotic education of youth exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, etc.
We invite to cooperation all the Ungleichgultigen: natural persons, corporations, agencies, organizations, firms and companies. We will erortern any arbitrary Zusammenarbeitsmoglichkeiten.
For remittance of contributions in (U.S. Dollars), (Euro), (Russian rubles) we ask you to use the following banking details:


                                           Реквизиты счетов:

             ЭДРПОУ/ДРФО 35254095
                        МФО 300023


 номер счета для гривен: 26009052716520                   

                   для долларов: 26000052718226                           

                            для евро: 26002052714712                        

                        для рублей: 26008052717746


Вы можете пожертвовать деньги через интернет,

              не отходя от компьютера:             Как помочь


                                    Для долларов   USD


INTERMEDIARY:                            JP MORGAN CHASE BANK

(Банк-корреспондент)                      CHASE METROTECH CENTER

                                                            7-TH FLOOR BROOKLYN NY 11245 USA

                                                            SWIFT CODE:  CHASUS33



(Счет банка получателя)



(Банк получателя)                               DNEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE

                                                               SWIFT CODE:  PBANUA2X

BENEFICIARY:  To the Memory of Dmitri Komar Charitable Foundation


ACCOUNT:           26000052718226



                            Для  евро  EUR


INTERMEDIARY:                             DEUTSCHE BANK AG,

(Банк-корреспондент)                       Frankfurt am Main, Germany

                                                             SWIFT CODE:  DEUTDEFF


 CORRESPONDENT  ACCOUNT:     94701211000

(Счет банка получателя)



(Банк получателя)                               DNEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE

                                                               SWIFT CODE:  PBANUA2X

                                                               Pechersk Branch

BENEFICIARY:  To the Memory of Dmitri Komar Charitable Foundation


ACCOUNT:           26002052714712