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The fund "In Memory of Dmitry Komar" is an organization which implements two activities:
1. Charity, mainly for children who suffer from cancer. This is not a branch of the Moscow Fund, and made ??donations, money are not transfered to Moscow, the Fund is registered and entitled to act only on the territory of Ukraine, and it can make charity  only for cancer centers in Kiev and Kiev region.

2. Truthfully informing about events that occurred in August 1991, explaining who Dmitry Komar is, what for he gave his life and was awarded with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Founder of the fund is Dmitry’s mother Komar Lubov Ahtyamovna, who lost her son in peacetime, though he past the war in Afghanistan. She knows herself what is suffering of children, so she understands importance of problem for cancer patients, and has a strong desire to help and considers as her duty to devote her life to solving this problem, to make her contribution. You can find more details about charity work in the section Co-founders. (See http://kfond.org/ru/souchrediteli.html)

So what happened in August 1991? What is the Emergency Committee (State Emergency Committee)? Is it coup, junta, power grabbing, military dictatorship? But there is also a view that it was Liberal Revolution, others state it was Managerial one, someone thinks it was a Revolution of special groups, and someone Bourgeois Criminal, and for some just Democratic revolution with democratic reforms. (See "Boris Yeltsin: Reformer or the leader of the Liberal Revolution," "Managerial Revolutions in Russia", "Revolution of special groups", "Regressive Bourgeois Criminal Revolution", "Democratic revolution of August 1991 and modern protest movement in Russia – what is common and what is the different"http://kfond.org/blog/472_boris_elcin_reformator_ili_vozhd_liberalnoy_revolyucii.html, http://kfond.org/blog/473_upravlencheskie_revolyucii_v_rossii.html, http://kfond.org/blog/474_specsluzhbistskaya_revolyuciya.html, http://kfond.org/blog/475_v_1991-1993_godah_v_rf_proizoshla_regressivnaya_burzhuazno-kriminalnaya_revolyuciya.html, http://kfond.org/blog/480_upravlencheskie_revolyucii_v_rossii.html)

The fact is that in 1991 a real revolution occurred. But in media generally accepted version is that it was just good intentions of party patriots who tried to keep the Soviet Union from collapse. Although we have enough evidence that organization of Putsch was made by Gorbachev himself, and there are irrefutable evidence that the order for the assault was given by the heads of the Emergency Committee. (см.«http://kfond.org/blog/106_tanki_po_naseleniyu_dolzhnu_prolozhit_prohodu_ili_dazhe_skazat_nepriyatno_goncharov_s_prezident_associacii_veteranov_.html»).

Why is it profitable for the government to consider the death of Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov, awarded with the title of Hero and who were killed and crushed under wheels of armored vehicles, as accidental victims or drunk onlookers, and award with the title of general a direct murder of those guys.

Realization by the people of the objective necessity in change from a totalitarian regime to democracy, as a result of confrontation of civilians on the barricades and those who gave their lives for the accomplishment of the revolution, was overplayed as political intrigue which made everything to ensure that events of August 1991 looked casual and just the ones that did not deserve attention?

I think everyone will get an answer to this question from the articles written below. (See Articles http://kfond.org/blog/). If we try to put it briefly, we can use the words of Alexander Rutskoy: "Let’s asume that the port Nakhodka was sold for 180,000 dollars, can you imagine – it is "Mercedes", a car and a port - for a penny." (See movie Dashing 90th with Anastasia Melnikova http://kfond.org/blog/153_lihie_90-e.html) and Victor Ilyukhin’s words : "... The state, its people must get back all that was illegally, criminally stolen. Thieves should sit in jail, not in the government. And I assure you, we will certainly do it..."


Victor Ivanovich Ilyukhin, Chairman of the Security Committee of the State Duma of  Russian Federation of the 1st and 2nd convocation, Doctor of Laws, professor, member of the State Duma's anti-corruption committee, member of the State Duma’s committee of analysis of costs the federal budget for defense and national security of  Russian Federation. Chairman of political movement "In support of the army, defense industry and military science". Ilyukhin was a radical critic of the political power of the USSR and Russia since perestroika. Throughout the years, Ilyukhin has pressed charges against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Russian presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin: (See http://rusotechestvo.narod.ru/law/gp12.html)

The true probably is the main reason why the information about the events of 1991 is still banned, because it is impossible to tell one fact without affecting the other. (See Poltoranin M.N. - Power in TNT equivalent, Heritage of Tsar Boris, How much is a Ticket to Political Power or Political Bribe, Predatory Privatization in Russia in 90s - what was it?, !!!...MAFIA COUP ...!!!, Russian "Oligarchs" Feel Themselves Like the Only Real Power or Russian Power System is Defined as “Thiefacy”, How RF Presidents Enrich Themselves, Who and How Appointed Oligarchs to Government Positions, Russia is the Second in the World’s List of  Number of Billionaires, Is Vladimir Putin the richest man in Europe ?, Golden Man?, For Each Word - Life Imprisonment, Gap between Rich and Poor in Russia Becomes Irresistible, Russia is Sliding into the Abyss between Incomes of Rich and Poor, Putin. Corruption. Independent Expert Report, Putin is Worthy Continuer of Yeltsin’s Business of Destruction of Russia, Putin: a CIA Agent, or Just an Influence Agent, Where did Millionaires in Russia come from? http://kfond.org/blog/170_poltoranin_mn_-_vlast_v_trotilovom_ekvivalente_nasledie_carya_borisa.html, http://kfond.org/blog/273_skolko_stoit_bilet_vo_vlast_ili_politicheskaya__vzyatka.html, http://kfond.org/blog/231_grabitelskaya_privatizaciya_v_rossii_90h_godov_-_chto_eto_bulo.html, http://kfond.org/blog/320_mafioznuy_perevorot.html, http://kfond.org/blog/278_v_rossii_oligarhi_oshchushchayut_sebya_edinstvennoy_realnoy_vlastyu_ili_rossiyskaya_sistema_vlasti_opredelyaetsya_kak_vorokratiya.html, http://kfond.org/blog/517_kto_i_kak_naznachal_oligarhov.html, http://kfond.org/blog/604_rossiya_-_vtoraya_v_mire_po_kolichestvu_dollarovuh_milliarderov_.html, http://kfond.org/blog/563_vladimir_putin_samuy_bogatuy_chelovek_evropu.html, http://kfond.org/blog/560_zolotoy_chelovek.html, http://kfond.org/blog/252_kazhdaya_strochka_-_pozhiznennoe_zaklyuchenie.html, http://kfond.org/blog/537_propast_mezhdu_bogatumi_i_bednumi_v_rossii_stanovitsya_nepreodolimoy.html, http://kfond.org/blog/538_rossiya_katitsya_v_propast_mezhdu_dohodami_bogatuh_i_bednuh.html, http://kfond.org/blog/562_putin_korrupciya_nezavisimuy_ekspertnuy_doklad.html, http://kfond.org/blog/492_putin_-dostoynuy_prodolzhatel_del_elcina_po_razrusheniyu_rossii.html, http://kfond.org/blog/228_v_putin_agent_cru_ili_.html).

Though there are a lot of articles dedicated to this theme,  only one is enough to reflect the reality of the second side of the coin. (See Russia Took First Place in the World for Heroin Use. http://kfond.org/blog/529_rossiya_zanyala_pervoe_mesto_v_mire_po_upotrebleniyu_geroina.html)

If we treat history in that way, it can happen again. (See Articles http://kfond.org/blog/)

Many people ask if the events of 1991are Russian problem, how do they refer to Ukraine? On the 1st of December 1991 Ukraine held presidential elections and a referendum on the independence of the country, and little earlier – on the 24th of August 24 1991, Ukraine adopted Declaration of Independence, and it was after the victory of democratic forces over the heads of the Emergency Committee. What if that did not happen? If putsch leaders won? Would Ukraine be able to declare its independence? Ukraine waited. And waiting was worth of it, heads of the Emergency Committee headed by acting President of the USSR Yanayev G.I. prepared a draft decree “On the introduction of temporary presidency in the Baltic republics, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, separate areas of the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR (Sverdlovsk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil regions, the cities of Leningrad and Sverdlovsk). (seehttp://www.gorby.ru/presscenter/publication/show_28247/)
Most likely, the introduction of presidency by center could only push people to civil war. And the Emergency Committee was a final stage of defeat of the USSR, not of maintenance of integrity, but of defeat, as Igor Panarin states: "... Yes, it was an order – 44 countries." (See http://tv.km.ru/i_panarin_kto_dejstvitelno_razva/textversion , Revolution of 1991 http://tv.km.ru/i_panarin_kto_dejstvitelno_razva/textversion )
To defeat the Soviet Union, as Alexander Prohanin stated: - "... Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Kryuchkov performed a plan developed in the depths of intelligence centers - such as the "Rand Corporation". (см.http://kfond.org/comments/552_tretya_mirovaya_voyna_tak_nazuvaemaya_holodnaya_zavershena_so_vsemi_formalnostyami_i_pirshestvami.html)

Now this is an obvious fact. Facts say that perestroika, the collapse of the Soviet empire and as the final phase - the Putsch, export of gold reserves of the USSR are all links of one same chain in the process of organization by western intelligence agencies of a third world war, so-called "cold war". (See Third World War, so-called "cold war", is completed with all the formalities and feasts http://kfond.org/comments/552_tretya_mirovaya_voyna_tak_nazuvaemaya_holodnaya_zavershena_so_vsemi_formalnostyami_i_pirshestvami.html).
Also putsch leaders planned to create operative groups in the Office of Protection of the Soviet constitutional order, the duties of which were arrests and internment of those, as they put it in a coded message: "... who are able to raise people." The same task was for Moscow KGB: arrest warrants were printed in advance in the amount of 300,000 copies, and all that was necessary was just only to put down names." (See http://flb.ru/info/38182.html)
Special military unit "... Group "A-7"... (ALPHA) had to expel from Moscow 7000 people to jails." (seehttp://flb.ru/info/38182.html)
"... Kryuchkov used operational resources of  KGB and instructed his deputy Lebedev V.F. to install outdoor supervising of people deputies, democratic leaders, who represented a potential threat to the plot. In case of emergency, they considered to be under administrative arrest and isolation at the military unit located in the village Medvezhy Ozera." (See http://www.gorby.ru/presscenter/publication/show_28247/)
Yazov Dmitry Timofeyevich (born in 1924, Marshal of the Soviet Union in 1990, during  May 1987 - August 1991, the Minister of Defense, a member of the Emergency Committee) at 9:28 signed a directive on bringing troops on high alert. Besides, he also ordered to send cipher telegrams to troops on the 19-21of August 1991, instructing to appoint representatives from troops as local Emergency Committee. According to Yazov’s order all the armed forces were brought to high alert, a number of airborne units were relocated to places where primarily planned imposition of emergency.
And after putsch leaders plans failed, on the 21st of August at 03:00 Air Force Commander Yevgeny Shaposhnikov offers Yazov withdraw troops from Moscow and declare the State Emergency Committee as out of law and cancel it.05.00. A meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR took place, where commanders of the Navy and the Strategic Missile Forces supported the proposal of Shaposhnikov. Yazov orders to withdraw troops from Moscow. (See http:// http://ria.ru/spravka/20110819/415632412.html#ixzz2m2WPtIFE). At night of the 23rd of August on the orders of the Moscow City Council at a mass gathering of protesters monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka Square was dismantled. (See http:// http://ria.ru/spravka/20110819/415632412.html#ixzz2m2WPtIFE).
Only on the 24th of August Ukraine considered it possible to accept the Act of declaration of independence. So, Dmitry Komar gave his life not only for the possibility for Russia to have parliamentary way of development, but we can also say that blood poured at the barricades in Moscow for Ukraine to have possibility to declare its independence.
So, in 1991 there was a real revolution (see Revolution of  1991). And according to historians, not only a collapse of the Soviet empire took place, but also a bloodless third world war. (See http://kfond.org/comments/552_tretya_mirovaya_voyna_tak_nazuvaemaya_holodnaya_zavershena_so_vsemi_formalnostyami_i_pirshestvami.html) So-called “democratic” transformations took place. We do not intend to assert and defend a position what is bad and when it was good – make your own conclusions, but the fact is that in 1991 Russia won the right to be a parliamentary republic. And Russia has been a parliamentary republic for three years... Before the execution of the Supreme Soviet Russia had the opportunity to save a parliamentary-presidential republic. (See http://kfond.org/blog/271_taynu_rasstrela_belogo_doma_4_oktyabrya_1993_goda.html). But the Supreme Council prevented Yeltsin to implement reforms. To tell the truth, it prevented a group of oligarchs to plunder their country. Parliament of Russia was against accelerated reforms and doubtful privatization that was announced in 1992. Yeltsin’s conflict with Parliament has passed for a long time. But the Parliament had real power and saw all further consequences, and as long as it considered policy of Yeltsin as criminal, it made a unique solution – to take power from President Yeltsin.
At night from the 21st to the 22nd of September in 1993 Supreme Council of the Russian Federation on the basis of the conclusion of the Constitutional Court made the decision to eliminate the powers of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin ... and temporally handle power to the Vice-President Alexander Rutskoy according to the Constitution On the 22nd of September at 00:25 Rutskoy assumed his duties as the President of Russia and canceled the unconstitutional decree of removed President Yeltsin. Rutskoy was recognized as temporary President by the executive and representative bodies. Almost all regional councils recognized Yeltsin's decree as unconstitutional. (See Rutskoi, Alexander Vladimirovich – Wikipedia https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Заглавная_страница).

Citizen Yeltsin grabbed power of President, and power and authority of the Supreme Council and power of the Congress of People's Deputies. As Viktor Ilyukhin said: "...This is nothing but a coup. Criminal, that's who is he." (See http://kfond.org/blog/268_rasstrel_belogo_doma_v_1993_godu_ili_kontrrevolyucionnuy_perevorot_v_rossii.html).
And another option was chosen for Russia - presidential, even extrapresidential republic. In fact, it was the restoration of omnipotence, almost autocracy.... Rebels in Moscow and other cities have been suppressed, and thousands of their members were shot without trial. This is banned to write and speak about, but it is the fact. Today, the current judicial system has to make decisions under pressure of public about the unconstitutionality of Russian President Yeltsin’s decree number 1400. It turns out that everything that Yeltsin and his clique had done was illegal. (See http://www.komcity.ru/forum/discussion/?id=43353)
So, according to truthful facts and the claims of historians, we can stay that a bloodless third world war and a real revolution happened. And our task is to cover the truth in a right way. It happened so that I was a direct participant of those events and I am constantly said: "...what did you shed your blood for – for this kind of democracy ...?" Therefore, I have a desire to tell the truth as a witness about what really had happened and to collect all the real true facts. Changes took place, we have not a chance to go back, as many would like, and will never have, and due to the colapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine gained independence, and it is also an undeniable fact. And it is necessary to realize, accept and adapt it to a new life, or attempt to deal with what we have.
Why did I move from Moscow to Ukraine? I'm not a Muscovite, my grandfather was deported from Ukraine in 1920s to the Urals and I also consider Ukraine as my Motherland. Besides, if I registered the Fund in Moscow, I do not think I could cover the truth about those events fairly and truthfully.
1991 has affected everyone, but Russia is still hiding the truth about the events that passed 20 years ago. And in Ukraine they generally consider events of 1991a Russian problem. Even on the 20 years anniversary, when I arrived in Moscow at the request of journalists, giving numerous interviews to newspapers and television, I once again made ??sure that this topic in Russia is a taboo.
Oligarchy and the middle class are two irreconcilable enemies. With increasing role of the middle class, the desire to have a parliamentary state increases - a state with a strong parliament, not the parliament, which is run by a group of oligarchs, like current Russian parliament, which is actually ruled by the President or Prime Minister, that in fact in Russia is the same. All that things I said on the channel "NTV" in Moscow, where I was invited by Alferov on the 20th anniversary of the August events. I came after agreement, that whatever I say will fall into the ether. But not a single word fell into the ether – everything was cut out. But some rocker spoke about different nonsense – audience laughed, warmed his nonsense by questions for half an hour, I did not understand why. When I saw all these half an hour non-sense, I realized why – they made a show from serious topic. Like usual foreign newspapers interviewed, and covered the facts more truthfully and detailed. Abroad this event is remembered and revered, for example in the town of Storm Lake, Iowa, college "Buena Vista" established a scholarship in honor of "the memory of the heroic sons who sacrificed their lives for freedom in Russia, and their relatives."
Only foreign journalists gave more truthful comments. ("Voice of America", USA)
Read mo http://www.inosmi.ru/social/20110822/173626199.html#ixzz2R1aoGyKn

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 "... Today, at the place of death of Komar, Krichevsky and Usov there is a French restaurant and a South Korean hotel where champagne costs eighty dollars.
According to words of Gennady Veretilny, Muscovite, in Russia today there is “dictatorship of the oligarchs”. Veretilny has doubts that the country will ever get real democracy..."
Original publication: Komar, Krichevsky, Usov: the memory of the heroes of  1991 - Voice of America www.golos-ameriki.ru/content/article-2011-08-20.../242774.html
("The Guardian", UK)
Tom Parfitt (Tom Parfitt)
Read more: http://www.inosmi.ru/history/20110817/173456608.html # ixzz2R1gWs9oP
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"...Veretilny feels sad that no one was punished for those deaths. "These three people shed their blood for their country," - he says. "No one talks about them, while the soldier who fired from the APC, became a general ..."
Original publication: Calls for recognition of 1991 Soviet coup martyrs on 20th anniversary

Posted on: 17/08/2011 12:18
The Guardian: The Russian authorities have forgotten about the victims of the Soviet coup in 1991

From the other side, the sister of Krichevsky, 46-year-old Marina, who is also an architect, said that she worried that her brother as a victim would remain imperceptible.

"Our government does not consider it necessary to pay attention to it. It is very sad. For years I have not taken part in elections because of that," - she added.

As one newspaper writes, neglect has led to calls to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to visit the graves of three victims in the Russian State Flag Day, which were erected in memory of the completion of the revolution.

Lubov Komar does not know, if politicians and officials come to commemorate her son at the anniversary. However, the woman stressed that she has learned “not to expect from anybody for anything”.
More: http://www.rosbalt.ru/main/2011/08/17/880418.html

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